Offline Public Lands Hunting GPS Maps  

GPS maps displaying, property boundaries & detailed Upland habitat layers

Scout-N-Hunt is a mapping system that evaluates public hunting land through research & years of experience to determine which lands contain prime habitat for your best hunting options each year.
It helps hunters understand which habitat is valuable for the best hunting experience because everything we hunt needs specific habitat.
​Hunters can research and locate public land private land boundaries, key habitat locations and changing prime habitat locations before they step foot in a new area. You can also mark trails or save GPS location points for future hunts.

 Scout-N-Hunt Grouse Habitat Mobile

"Off-Line Hunting Maps … no cell service or internet needed"

Customer description of his Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Grouse Habitat  "Off-Line Maps" experience:

As excited as I was last week when you were kind enough to help me set up Scout-N-Hunt Mobile, after actually installing the program on my Galaxy Tablet, mounting in in my truck and driving around testing it all weekend I am even more excited.
It is simply the most accurate real time mapping program I have used to date and I believe it will revolutionize Grouse Hunting trips. The greatest aspect was that the system operates in real time as you are moving and the target habitat type you can narrow it down via GPS and not cell service.
I look forward to hitting the road this fall and utilizing this amazing program that is efficient and incredibly affordable.



Fritz Heller

Grouse Commander LLC

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Scout-N-Hunt Mapping Solutions for Every Situation

Scout-N-Hunt  Grouse Mobile

"Off-Line Habitat Maps" 

Mobile Habitat Maps coverage for Android and iPhone and PC. Perfect for areas with no internet or cell phone coverage

Eliminate wasted hunting time!

"What an invaluable service this is!  Has given me more time to hunt and less time driving around.  Way more useful and user friendly than Mihunt.  Don't leave home without it."

Jeri Cleverdon, MI

Photo by Days Afield Photography

Increase Hunting Success!

"Loved using Scout-N-Hunt. The first spot we hit netted 3 birds in the bag, including a first ever grouse for a 18 year old kid we took with us.  Much appreciated."

Craig Conrad, Ohio

Research is the key to a successful grouse hunt Our analysis creates the following layer information

Locating Prime Habitat and its relationship to a successful hunt

Locating Prime Habitat is essential in Grouse and Woodcock hunting. If we think about it, so many of the upland birds we hunt are habitat specific. 


Our habitat enhanced maps are designed to help the upland hunter quickly locate areas to hunt by knowing the location of "Prime Habitat" before they arrive at their hunting destination.

Typically in grouse hunting we are looking for cuts ranging between 9-16 years of age.  An 08 35means the harvest was done in 2008 and this cut contains 35 acres

Grouse will shift from Marginal Habitat (identified in the blue) to Prime habitat.  By showing both the Marginal and the Prime Habitat it is easy to identify potential habitat shifts.

Defining Habitat to help hunters locate edges and identify grouse's needs

Habitat layers are color coded and labeled so the user can easily identify habitat combinations that are located adjacent to or near the "Prime cuts".


Grouse seek out specific habitat areas depending on the weather and even the time of year. Dense conifer is important during wet or stormy weather. Tag alder is an area for escape as well as dense pines. 


By knowing the habitat near a prime cut makes it easier to anticipate where a grouse may be located and also which direction the bird may use to escape.

  • Map Viewer showing habitat structure and edges

  • Seasonal and age related habitat shifts 

  • Map Features that help hunters understand the importance in defining the habitat needs of a grouse

Public Lands vs Private lands color coded & labeled so you know your boundaries

All hunting maps need to show boundaries. Besides identifying habitat we always show public lands boundaries. All boundaries are clearly visible on our maps and are labeled and color coded. 


So there is no guessing what your position is in relationship to private lands.  


One of the biggest mistakes some mapping companies make is to identify tribal lands as open to hunting. This is not the case "They are closed to public hunting"

  • Example: Identifies layers for National Forest, County Forests & Industrial Forest Lands 

"DIY" Hunting Success Story

I am back from my Michigan woodcock and grouse hunt. I wanted to let you know that your mapping program and the micro SD card for my gps were the keys to a successful hunt. My father hunted with me and we had never been to Michigan at all. We rented a cabin in northern Michigan and hunted land we never laid eyes on before. No guides. No local hunters to help us. No one hunting with us or advising us who ever hunted Michigan a single time.


This trip was planned straight off of your Michigan Scout N Hunt mapping program by me sitting at my desk at work. I then printed out the areas I selected to hunt and used the printed maps and my gps with your Micro SD card to actually hunt. The hunt was 100% do-it-yourself. 


I just wanted you to know how well pleased I am with your mapping solutions.  Without your help, I would have been throwing darts in the dark.  Thank you.


Randy Street

Monroe, Louisiana

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