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Understanding how the habitat map features can improve your hunt

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Scout-N-Hunt Mobile

Identifying Prime Habitat Concentrations

Scout-N-Hunt Mobile makes it easy to determine where the best areas are within a given state.  

As the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" this is true with the picture to the right.

Looking at an area in Upper Michigan we can easily identify areas that fall into the 9 to 16 year category. 

All the data is presorted, labeled and ready for you to study and plan your hunt.  There is no need to guess where to hunt.  With Scout-N-Hunt Mobile you will always know where the best habitat is located.

Scout-Hunt Mobile Aspe cuts

"Prime Habitat" know where to start your hunt

Locating Prime Habitat is essential in Grouse and Woodcock hunting.  If we think about it, so many of the upland birds we hunt are habitat specific. 


Our habitat enhanced maps are designed to help the upland hunter quickly locate areas to hunt by knowing the location of "Prime Habitat" before they arrive at their hunting destination.

To the right is an example of "Prime Habitat" in "red with gold trim for Grouse and Woodcock.  These cuts are presorted and labeled to make it easy to locate "Prime" areas on our maps.

Green arrows indicate potential habitat shifts by grouse from older habitat to "Prime Habitat"

Typically in grouse hunting we are looking for cuts ranging between 9-16 years of age.  An 08 52.23 means the harvest was done in 2008 and this cut contains 52.23 acres.

The cuts in blue are called marginal habitat. These cuts are also labeled with cut year and acres. By identifying the habitat that has just aged out "Marginal Habitat" we then can anticipate the potential "Habitat Shift" by grouse. 


As a Prime cut ages out and becomes a Marginal cut.  A grouse will leave the marginal habitat and seek out a cut that has the needed stem density that will provide  food, cover and protection to live in. Bascially the grouse will search fro new "Prime Habitat".

A grouse's world is very Habitat Specific meaning they need different types of habitat for different season.  Weather is an important criteria for habitat selection.  Conifers are important  for protection from the elements and predators year round. The most critical time for food sources is during the winter. Habitat that has numerous food sources are key to winter survival. 

Example to the right shows a 2006 cut with 36 acres to the left of the cut is Conifer lowland.  Lowland Conifer is habitat that a grouse will seek out to escape pressure and inclement weather. Knowing where the pines are located, and potential food sources can help a hunter implment a strategy for a more  successful hunt.

 Map Layers that help define seasonal habitat shifts in cover

Map Features that identify habitat that surrounds a "prime cut"

Below are examples of just some of the Habitat Legends found on Scout-N-Hunt.  Habitat layers are color coded and labeled so the user can easily identify habitat combinations that are located adjacent or near the "Prime cuts". Each states legend may differ depending on available data. All states will identify potential prime habitat.

Map Features Examples

Below is an example of many of the habitat features that we provide on our maps. Some of our Scout-N-Hunt Map viewers contain over 60 habitat features that are color coded, labeled. Where data is available habitat is specifically sorted out and made available on each state wide maps viewer for the hunter.

Prime & Marginal Habitat

Public Lands

Grouse Management Areas



Lowland Habitat

Upland Habitat

Public - Private Lands Boundaries

Boundaries are clearly visible on our maps and are also labeled and color coded.  So there is no guessing what your position is in relationship to private lands.  Federal, State, County lands are identified.  


Lands that are enrolled in "Open Public Access Programs" are identified and labeled. 

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