GPS Habitat Maps

Confidence to go cross country to habitat that you want to hunt.  Don't get stuck on a trail.  Head out to hunt areas

"Off the Beaten Path".

Easily know your relationship to Habitat, Edges, Trails, your Tuck. 

GPS Grouse Habitat Maps

for Garmin GPS and Google earth

Using a GPS Grouse Maps

it is like walking on the map

Know your exact location on the map, locate edges and confidently locate areas way off the beaten path.  Nothing makes it easier to discover new areas then having a Northwind Grouse Habitat Map chip in your Garmin GPS unit. Our Northwind “In The Field Grouse Habitat Maps” are available pre-loaded on a microSD card that is compatible with the newer Garmin GPS units that accept custom maps. 


Being able to have your Grouse Habitat Maps in your GPS makes it easy to identify habitat on the go without having to worry about dealing with a paper map while you hunt.


Our GPS Grouse Habitat Maps can be fournd in our online store under  GPS Grouse Habitat Maps.  

Photo by Days Afield Photography

Know your location in relationship to 

Habitat, Edges, Trails, Private Property and your Truck


Identify Habitat,  Edges, Property lines 

Know your location in relationship to all that is around you

Example to the right.

Working a "Prime" 2008 cut with 29 acres you are moving from this cut to the 2004 acre cut with 77 acres.  As you move toward the next cut you are going to pass by an older aspen stand "A" and just miss the southwest corner of private property.  

There is no guessing where you are at and what type of habitat lies ahead.  Planning your hunt could not be easier than with a GPS Grouse Habitat Map in your Garmin GPS.

Locating Habitat "Off the Beaten Path"

New Habitat - Habitat Shifts - Escape Cover

We have a "Prime" 2008 cut a good distance from the road with an older marginal 1999 cut that follows the edge of the trail and is border on the east side by a Spruce swamp.  

The 2008 cut with 19 acres has a nice hardwood high spot in the middle of it and the birds would easily be able to access the spruce swamp for an escape area or during inclement weather. There is a tag alder swamp on the south east corner of the cut and also older aspen to the south an southwest of the cut.  

Overall this area offers all the cover a grouse could need and a place for woodcock to lounge and locate worms.  The cover that is here can hold a grouse year round.  There is habitat available for the birds to shift from the marginal 1999 cut which is aging out to the younger 2008. 

Check your GPS compatibility

Be sure to check and make sure your unit is compatible.  Even if your unit has a micro SD card slot it may not be Custom Map enabled due to the memory requirements and file sizes of these maps.  The Garmin unit must have an operating system that is compatible to reading custom maps with the kmz file extension. 


Click on the button below to view a list of Garmin gps units that are Custom Maps enabled. However, all of our micro SD cards come with an SD card adapter so it can be used on your computer running Google earth as described further below.

Photo by Days Afield Photography
Photo by Days Afield Photography

Finding New Habitat

I just wanted to thank you guys for creating such a great resource with these maps. 


I have ordered a couple and used them this year, and nearly every spot that I tried on your maps produced birds.  And many of these spots I would never have seen from the road or tried without the map.


So thank you for your time, effort in developing this resource. 


Mike McCrary

Traverse City, MI

A Successful Hunt

Please let me know when you update your cards or offer new areas  as I am always in the market for new covers. 

Based upon your Sawyer County chip, I hunted new to me trails and aspen clear cuts yesterday and today and found lots of birds (by this year’s standards). 


I really love your products!


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