Scout-N-Hunt State Wide Habitat Map Viewers

The Most Detailed Hunting Map Solution Available

On-Line Habitat Specific Maps 

Scout-N-Hunt Habitat Analysis  allows the hunter to evaluate an entire state's habitat data and determine where the best concentrations of habitat are available.


Video tutorials and detailed habitat information is available for the hunter

to learn more about the specie they are hunting as well as specie habitat needs.

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Detailed Habitat Layers that make a difference.

Knowing where you can hunt is actually the easy part of planning a hunt.  The most difficult part is locating the correct habitat.  That is where our maps are different from all others. 

The primary focus of our maps is helping you know the habitat that is located in a specific area.  Thus helping you plan your hunt and anticipate what you will find in an area before you get there.  

Understanding the needs of these birds and easily locating public lands is important.  However, being able to locate the correct habitat that these birds thrive in is imperative otherwise you are just spending your time looking for habitat instead of hunting in prime habitat.

Prime cut harvested

2010 containing 67 acres

TA = Tag Alder

Private Lands

S = BlackSpruce also known as a lowland conifer

Upland Habitat

Hwdn = Hardwoods

A =  Aspen


Access Trails

Example of Habitat Layers found in the Minnesota  Superior USFS

Prime Habitat is 9-16 years of age.  Each year Scout-N-Hunt maps are updated to reflect age changes


Marginal Habitat is habitat that has just aged out. 


By showing the prime and the marginal habitat it is easy to locate areas where potential habitat shifts will occur.

Below is an example of a habitat shift that will occur.  The 2008 when prime will be the new focus for habitat as the grouse move out of the 1997 and 1999 cut.

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