Habitat Map App
Printed  Grouse Habitat Maps

From your home to the woods we have you covered for hunting prime habitat

Looking for new habitat? Scout-N-Hunt makes it easy

to locate new prime areas before you hunt. Then grab your maps in your phone, GPS or hand. Our resources allow more time in the field in your hunting boots and less time driving from new site to new site. 

Jeff Secor avid Grouse Hunter
I just got the app, and as a friend said "it's a game changer".This will pay for itself in saved gas and boot leather.

Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Grouse Habitat Maps

"Off-Line" maps to scout and hunt the best upland hunting grounds for grouse & woodcock. Always know your location and land boundaries.


Tablet & Cell phone Android or iPhone 

  • Laptop Pc

  • Tablet or Phone Android/iPhone

  • Works "Off Line"; No Wi-Fi or cell service needed

  • Statewide Grouse Habitat Coverage

  • Shows Prime 9-16 year old cuts in each state

  • Identifies the habitat that surrounds each cut

  • Labeled and color coded.

  • Shows all the Public Lands for a state

  • Roads - Trails 

  • Hydrology

  • Updated Yearly

Brett Hoop avid grouse hunter
God Sent...well actually Ann sent, but as I rode from one cover directly to the next I kept saying to myself My God.
My time to scout almost 900 miles from home becomes very precious. Nothing else would have enabled me to spend as much time looking at prime ground. A few of you who may read this know I am a dinosaur on this tech stuff, but I can use it!!
Many Thanks to Ann Jandernoa!!!!
Bob Priest avid grouse hunter
After spending some 45 years marking all the Topos (circa 1930's to 1950's) published by the Federal Government of cuts, types of timber & cover, approximate age, birds found, flushed, and KIA for the border of Vermont and New York I know the effort.
There were possibly thousands of hours spent all fall and winter over 40 years doing our research for good coverts. Now mostly built on with "No Hunting" signs.
Thanks Ann for taking your professional skills and making them state of the art for the bird hunter. The cost of your maps does not compare to the gas spent, and the lost hours used not hunted just searching. What a gift!
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