Offline Mobile Grouse Hunting Habitat Maps for public lands, from the Northwood's to the Prairies and beyond

Photo by Days Afield Photography
Photo by Days Afield Photography

Hunting Maps designed specifically for the Upland Hunter

"Hi Guys, I just bought a new app from Scout-N-Hunt Maps. Holy cow is it cool! It works when there is no cell phone service too. It’s $65/year and it covers the entire state of Michigan. I think it’s a game changer"

-Brent Pike Avid Grouse Hunter Michigan

"Folks...I used some of the new Northwind mobile Scout n Hunt maps today. Do yourself a favor and give them a call.

Great product for grouse hunters"

Aspen Thicket Grouse Dogs

breeder of Grouse Dogs and Guide in Michigan

Scout-N-Hunt Upland Mobile

"Off-Line Maps" 

Grouse and Woodcock

Scout-N-Hunt UPLAND Mobile

"Off-Line Maps"

available for Western states

Specialized Maps for hunting out west.

Public lands boundaries, Crop Data Wetland Data Land features 

Additional states to be added soon 

Totally "Off-Line" Maps use no cell phone data features:

No cell phone signal...No problem with Scout-N-Hunt Mobile!
Grouse Huntng maps
What is an "Off-Line Map"
this is a map that does not need cell service or Wi-Fi to work.  So when you are in remote areas your map works without any service.
How do I know my
location on the map
 the map will utilize your GPS location that is built into the phone. The red arrow denotes your location. 
GPS Huntng Map
Grouse GPS Hunting map
Most maps cover an
entire state
Typically newer phones can easily handle a state.  However, some western states may need to be broken down into regions.
Unique map features
Layers can be turned on and off in order to improve map performance or a layer you are not interested in.
Off line GPS hunting maps
GPS Grouse Hunting Maps
Available base maps
There are numerous base maps available that work when there is internet available.  
Access Map Layers 
Even "Off-Line" you can access all the identified layers of habitat
GPS Hunting Maps Grouse
Hunting maps GPS
Detailed Map Layers 
To the left is a listing of the map layers on a given map.
More details
Besides all habitat being labeled and color coded.  You can press down on the map and a new page will open allowing you to select any layer you want to see in more detail To the left is a screen shot of the information for each stand layer.
GPS Grouse Maps
Screenshot without a base map
Screenshot with a base map
Additional information about Mobile Habitat Grouse Map:
  • The cost to purchase a Mobile Map is $65 for the first year and $45 a year after that when purchased in March of the following year.  The year runs from March 2nd through March 1st (like purchasing a hunting license)
  • The maps are updated yearly and new layers may be added at any time.
  • You are able to install the map on 3 of your own devices, tablet, phone and PC.
  • You will need to download the map file
  • You will also need to download the FREE app to view the map
  • Once you purchase the product you will be directed to the site where you can log in and download the product.
  • If you are having trouble with the process we are happy to call you back and walk you through the process
  • All maps expire on March 1st of each year. The reason for this is to allow for yearly updates of Public Lands, Prime Habitat locations and additional habitat information.  On March 2nd the current updated maps will be available for purchase.  This is our way of making sure that each year you have the most current map information.

As we continue to add new states, we will be posting updates to Facebook  

and if you would like updates please use the form in the header area of this website

and we will notify you by way of email.

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Detiled Map layer descripin for an Aspen stand. Click to enlarge image.