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On Point Focus is designed to give you, the hunter,

the needed information to make every hunting trip successful. 

The focus is on the birds we hunt and their habitat, the dogs we use and how we can work with our dogs to tailor their training for hunting grouse and other upland birds. Taking dog care to a new level, focus on caring for the dog as an athlete and not just a house pet.  Preparing for the hunt by using the technology of the day to locate new areas and how to access these areas.  Sharpening our skills at reading the weather, the cover and learning to adjust to the ever changing needs of the grouse.  Focus on using this information to create on the go strategic hunting plans before and during the hunt.

Using a digital format means no printing or mailing costs so we can publish it for free.  Additionally,  we can embed educational videos and work with digital maps linked to the internet.  With the technology available today we can create an interactive users experience that print can not provide. The focus of this magazine is to give you information that will help you execute a better hunt.  Digital medium offers more options than print medium.  
On Point Focus will be made available on a dedicated web page where you will be able to access different topics and then read and watch videos on each topic.  As the library grows you will find new listing under each topic heading. 
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