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Learning to Hunt Smart

Whether you have been hunting upland birds for years or just starting the learning curve can be steep.  Many will talk about guns, what dog to buy and the latest gadgets and places to go. 


However, few will talk in depth about the habitat  theses birds live in.  Or strategies based on season, weather, wind and time of day.  How to train a dog to work a bird that does not leave much scent behind.

Being able to read the cover, the dog and anticipate what a bird is going to do is key in becoming a good grouse hunter.

Field - Notes

On-Point Focus

Over the course of the next few months you will find new resources added to this page that will help those of you that want to up your grouse game or take your learning of how to create a grouse dog to a new level.  In the end hopefully you will find the information helpful and you will enjoy the hunt with your dog as much as I do.

Pro Hunter Workshop DVD

Utilizing Imagery to Interpreting Habitat

First Year Development and Training

of a Grouse Dog

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