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Photo by Days Afield Photography
Photo by Days Afield Photography

Habitat & Public Lands Maps

A mapping Solution for evey Situation

  Buy Multiple Grouse Habitat Map Formats

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Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Habitat Maps for Ruffed Grouse

Cost per State     $ 65.00 the first year ... $45.00 the second year

Laptop Pc - Tablet or Phone Android/iPhone

 Works "Off-Line" no cell service needed

Install on 3 of your own personal devices tablet, phone and pc

Statewide Grouse Habitat Coverage

Shows Prime 9-16 Habitat in each state

Identifies the habitat that surrounds each cut

Labeled and color coded.

Shows all the Public and Private lands

Roads - Trails 

Hydrology - wetlands

Western states identify crop habitat, grassland areas,

potential cattail areas and other habitat that surrounds the public lands.

Updated Yearly 

Please note: map year runs from March 2nd to the following March 1st. (Like purchasing a hunting license) This allows us to do yearly data updates so that each year your maps and data are current.

Western States Off- Line Upland Hunting Maps

Public lands boundaries Land features data and more

  • Public Lands

  • Wetland data to identify cattail areas and sloughs

  • Crop Data to show areas that are farmed

  • Potential pasture lands Grasslands identified

  • Woodlots, Pines, Scrub Land Identified 


Additional States will be added for the 2020 season



Upland Library 

Pro Hunter Workshop DVD

First Year Development and Training

of a Grouse Dog

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